Design is key to any of our products. Superior design means superior quality, which is what we are all about. All our designs are made with top of the line computer programs, which also gives us the opportunity to show you the product before you even order it. You imagine it. We make it happen.

Making the product look good isn’t the same as making it durable. Manufacturing and Design go hand in hand in our products. With or ability to draw out your idea, we also have to be able to produce it for you. That’s the easy part, with 20 years experience on our side. Durability is something you don’t have to worry about.

The quality of installation of our products is just as important as the product itself. With all the experience behind us, professional installations come standard with our products. With the care of our installation pros and all the equipment we could possibly need, installation is just the finishing touch to our “works of art?.

Graphic Design
Graphics are what makes our designs go from satisfactory to extraordinary. With the help of the latest and greatest computer hardware and software these designs come out to be second to none. There are also various graphic applications to cater to your needs from the product.
With great designs we also have to speak about durability. We offer protective coatings for our products to make them tough enough to resist the weather. Other benefits include the prevention of color fading, dirt building up on your product, and even making graffiti removable.

Project Management
It all starts with your basic vision of one of our products. When your part is done we take over the rest. We start with our superior design, all done with top of the line computers, making your vision a reality. Moving onto our experienced manufacturing, making you product as durable as it can possibly be. All topped off with professional installation means all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the new look.

Why Us?
ALG Awnings Inc. is dedicated to provide the best for our consumers. No job is just another thing we have to build. We provide unparallel customer service, meaning you will always see the same faces and talk to the same people about your product. We have all the resources, technology and experienced staff to make our products as well as they look. Even years down the road when a repair is inevitable we would treat you the same as day one.